Kai Bernau.
Design for reading experiences:
Concept, art direction,
type design, typography.

Hi, my name is Kai. In 2005 my partner Susana Carvalho and I co-founded Carvalho Bernau. We design publications, identities, typefaces etc.

Contact me

Yes please, get in touch: contact@kaibernau.com, +31 62 44 77 057. You should definitely follow me the studio on Twitter: @kaibernau 🐦 @at_cb or on Instragram: 📸 @carvalho_bernau.

Retail type

With Susana (and a bunch of helpers), I designed a typeface family called Algebra that was released in 2016 with Commercial Type.

Together with Christian Schwartz, we developed Atlas Grotesk and Typewriter, see http://carvalho-bernau.com/atlas/ in 2012. It too is available from Commercial Type. (This text is set in Atlas Typewriter, for example)

If you’re looking for information about my Lyon font family, you can find it here: http://carvalho-bernau.com/lyon/. I designed it in 2009/2010 and it’s available from Commercial Type.

My typeface Neutral has been majorly reworked from the original project (back in 2005) and is available from Typotheque since 2014.

Custom type

With Carvalho Bernau, I’ve been making custom typefaces for projects and clients big and small — single styles for quick identity projects (for example for Serpentine galleries), or type-as-a-subscription-model for Esquire UK’s Big Black Book (art direction by David McKendrick).

We made many projects for Internazionale: The mastehead/logotype, a stencil typefface, and a comprehensive newspaper headline family; they were all art directed by Mark Porter. We also designed a complex interface type system for HBO (with Erik van Blokland). There are others, too many to list here.

You should hire us for custom type projects, too!


Since 2011 I am a professor for type design (and sometimes publication design) at the MATD Master programme in Type Direction at Écal, Lausanne. In 2014/2015, I was a visiting professor in Wigger Bierma’s Typo-Grafik course at HfbK Hamburg.